Tesla’s electric Semi trucks are priced at $150,000

Tesla – the first brand to officially launch commercial electric powered vehicles – has added a new category to its lineup – the Electric Semi-Truck. This opens up Tesla to the commercial trucking industry where reservations for the new truck can be made for $5,000.

The Tesla Semi Truck is a lot of things. Here, we discuss how it is more than the average semi-truck.

  1. With a new high-speed Megacharger, it can be charged up for 400 miles in just 30 minutes
  2. Stores power for 500 miles in one full charge
  3. Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds (with no load/trailer); 20 seconds for a load of 80,000 lbs
  4. Capable of autonomously leading other vehicles in a convoy
  5. Impact resistant glass installed on the windshield (avoids accidents involving objects breaking through the glass)
  6. Electronic navigation controls as part of the dashboard

Being an electric car company, Tesla incorporated some features of a modern car into the semi-truck. Navigation and cabin controls are now part of the package to make the experience closer to that of a car.

Faster and more efficient, Tesla’s confidence allowed the company to claim it will not break down with a mileage of one million. Hardly an inflated promise, Tesla’s vehicles have a general makeup to make this possible. It involves less mechanical parts versus standard vehicles, and can easily translate in lower likelihoods of breakdown.

To penetrate a new market segment, Tesla has done more than what it should – create electric powered versions of the vehicles we know and love. Given this is the first of its kind to be released in the commercial vehicle industry, we will soon know if Tesla is really up for the job.