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Complete Company Filing System – All Required Files


A flash drive with easy to edit forms and policies!
Check out the complete list in the product description! (All required files included)

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This product is downloadable. Documents are meant to be edited and revised to fit your company’s specific needs.
As with any products purchased, always have your legal team review before implementing to ensure compliance with your State/Federal specific regulations.


Policies & Forms included in the Downloadable Flash Drive

Fleet Safety Policy Written Policies & Procedures

Your Fleet Safety Policies & Procedures are your companies’ playbook on how you intend to operate. This policy template is a combination of regulatory requirements and best practices that will not only help keep you compliant with the DOT; but also give you the necessary procedures to be among the top companies in your industry. This comes in Microsoft Word format as well as a fillable PDF. You will be able to customize it to fit your specific needs.


Drug & Alcohol Testing Written Policies & Procedures

Just like the Fleet Safety Policy, the DOT requires that your company has a written policy on the mandatory drug and alcohol testing requirements for your drivers. Your policy will be custom built to fit your company’s need and will contain all required topics regulated by DOT. You can edit these policies to include your NON-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program as well.


Driver Safety Handbook

The content of this handbook is essentially a synopsis of the Fleet Safety Policy and the Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy. It covers only the information pertinent to what a driver needs to know regarding your company’s safety program. All drivers must have this available to them as required by FMCSR’s.

Driver’s Qualification (DQ) File Forms

There are typically (26) different forms to be included in your companies Driver’s Qualification File. We have custom built a DQ File system that can help insure you never miss anything again. You can customize the documents by adding your company information and logo or you can leave it in the general format. Available in a variety of delivery methods.

Audit Ready Binder

The DOT requires multiple documents be kept and available for a compliance review/audit.

The multiple forms and templates included in this set will help you have the required documents in an organized and simple to use manner. It includes required Rosters, means of tracking expiring documents, tons of helpful forms, samples, etc. It comes complete in a Binder with a Table of Contents, easy to understand instructions on what to add to each section.

Vehicle Cab Books

How many times have you created a Vehicle Cab Book only to have the driver come in with a violation because he didn’t have the required documents available during the roadside inspection? Our Cab Books are designed for the Driver to keep all required and essential documents in an organized manner and have a checklist to follow during his/her Pre-Trip Inspection. You give us copies of the documents required and we create the folders for you. Or we can create the Books and mail.

Vehicle Maintenance Forms and Schedules

Post Trip Inspection Reports are a DOT Requirement that many companies fail to complete. Our Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are designed to not only be DOT Compliant but go above and beyond the requirements to insure your vehicles are inspected and safe to operate. You can make copies as you see fit or have them bound in a carbon copy book format.

Accident/ Incident Emergency Reporting Forms

Although the DOT does not have regulations requiring you keep such documentation, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. These forms are easy to use and include incident, accident, near miss, accident reconstruction, witness reporting forms and more – all in one Excel file.

Just click on the page you need and save with the file name you prefer.

General HR Forms

How many policies, new rules and/or forms do you need? This packet includes Uniform Policy Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Paycheck Deduction forms, Motor Vehicle Usage Policies and more.

JSA Forms

Maybe OSHA requires documents that DOT doesn’t or maybe your company policy requires your drivers to complete a JSA when coming onto a location. If so, this form is a template that you can edit to fit your specific needs.

Standard Operating Procedures

How many times have you hired a Driver and two or three weeks after being on the job, he makes a mistake that could have been avoided? What if you had a simple document that clearly explained his/her duties upon hire?

Well Here It Is! Standard Operating Procedures for each driving position you hire for. A single template with basic operating procedures that you can edit for the specific duties for a particular Vehicle and/or Driver.

No more excuses, no more “Nobody told me”, “I didn’t Know” and or “That is how the other driver showed me”, etc.

And a bunch of extra stuff just because it may be useful for you!


All forms and documents are only as good as the information on them when completed. It would be great if a document fairy would pre-fill and edit everything you purchase; Sorry that doesn’t exist. Only you know your company’s operation enough to edit these forms and make them 100% complete. Please do not purchase any forms unless you plan on taking the time to read through and edit them as needed. You are better off not having policies in place at all vs. having policies in place that you do not follow!