Owner Operators

Attention Owner Operators

So you bought a tractor/trailer! You’re your own boss! This is awesome! Except…now you are responsible for a whole bunch of stuff that you really don’t know a whole lot about. You may be thinking, ‘really…why should I have to know about all of the DOT and IFTA requirements. Can’t I just make a living, minding my own business and be left alone?’. Well, welcome to big government and all the silly regulations that they keep putting in place.

Out of all the things you worry about on a daily basis, being DOT compliant shouldn’t have to be one of them! We at DOT Readiness Group understand that you are out there busting your butt, dealing with careless 4 wheel drivers who have no clue that you are driving an 80,000+ pound potential missile. Then, you get that letter from FMCSA/DOT saying that you are going to be audited! Holy moley, what are you supposed to do with that?! You are out on the road, and when you’re not working, you don’t make a paycheck.

We aren’t saying that we can do everything, including drive the truck for you, but we can help with the DOT for sure.

Here’s How We Can Help

Driver file setup: $275

We will have you complete a full driver qualification file, complete all of your background and previous employer inquiries that are required by the DOT, put in our custom folder system, and teach you how to maintain it. We will send you a hard copy that you can do with what you please.

Economy Driver Management: $25 per month

  • Maintain the DQ file for you and complete the required steps annually
  • We create a Completely DOT compliant DQ file for you. Actually we go above and beyond because lawyers suck and they can bankrupt you for a fender bender!
  • We make sure you are enrolled in a Drug & Alcohol Program that is DOT Compliant. We keep you in a random program and let you know when it is your time to test. This keeps things legit.
  • Remind you of upcoming expiration dates on your CDL, Medical Card, Vehicle Inspections
  • DOT expert phone & email support billed at $40 per ½ hour

Basic Driver Management: $150 per month

Everything in the Economy Program, plus:

  • DOT expert phone & email support as needed (up to 3 hours per month)
  • Monitor your SMS reports and notify you of any potential issues

Premium Driver Management: $250 per month

Everything in the Basic Program, plus:

  • Maintain and audit your Logbooks and DVIR’s
  • Create and maintain a full DOT compliance system; includes policies, rosters, registers, etc.
  • Maintain any supporting documents for any audits or accounting requirements you may have. We will make them available to you at a moment’s notice in an organized and neat fashion. We aren’t going to do your accounting for you but we can definitely organize your paperwork to make their job and yours a lot easier.
    • Receipts
    • Repair orders
    • Violations
    • Shipping papers
    • Pretty much whatever documents you have to keep


Our Partners

We partner with many extraordinary organizations.Their expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a handful of the organizations whose accomplishment and commitments are representative of all the organizations we are fortunate to call our partners.