Mock Audits

So you’ve been working diligently on your Driver Qualification files, your vehicle maintenance files, etc. You’re pretty certain that all of your DOT stuff is up to par and you’re completely prepared for that DOT audit when it comes.

Or, maybe you just want a second opinion to make sure everything is where it should be.

What’s a Mock Audit?

When we conduct a mock audit on your company, we use virtually the same software that the DOT uses. We also follow the same criteria and guidelines that they will. Take a look at the table below and see how our mock audits compare to the real FMCSA Compliance Review and you be the judge.

FMCSA Compliance Review

  • FMCSA schedules the dates that are convenient for them
  • You never know the personality type of the auditor you will get when you deal with FMCSA
  • FMCSA will rarely lets you know the outcome until a few days or even weeks after they have left
  • FMCSA sends the reports somewhere else to figure out what fines will be accessed
  • You get REAL fines that you have to pay!
  • FMCSA penalties for just one company in 2014 were up to $357,000!
  • FMCSA leaves and just expects you to fix it
  • FMCSA can shut you down completely!
  • FMCSA audits are stressful and investigators typically aren’t great company
  • They usually only look at 20% of your files

Our Mock Audit

  • We schedule the dates when it’s convenient for YOU
  • Of course we don’t cut you any slack for the audit itself, but we are always friendly
  • We will give you the findings as soon as we are finished and before we leave your facility
  • We can give you the potential fines at the same time we are giving you the final report
  • We give you potential fines that can come up so you can correct those mistakes before FMCSA shows up for real!
  • We aren’t going to come even close to that amount by doing a mock audit
  • We can stay and help you make the corrections if you want us to. Or we can just guide you how to fix it
  • Our goal is to help you before that is even an issue!
  • Our mock audits are low stress, informative, and we’re awesome guests!
  • We can do anywhere between a 20% or 100% audit if you choose!