Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bill Allowing Toll-free travel

A bill was passed to allow toll free travel through exits in the Syracuse area.  State Senate and Assembly have passed the bill last June 2017. However, it took only until October for Andrew Cuomo – NY Governor – to veto the bill.

The bill was designed to reduce congestion in alternative routes since drivers would then have access to toll free exits. This incentive would easily benefit the drivers and the overall traffic situation along the thruway roads.

FMCSA Traffic

Having been denied an opportunity for a better driving environment, locals have reacted negatively towards the vetoed bill.

Against the move was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “I have not seen a plan that’s fair,” said de Blasio in a recent article on unfair Congestion pricing plans for the city.

De Blasio Says He Hasn’t Seen a ‘Fair’ Congestion-Pricing Plan From Cuomo (Bloomberg)

Governor Cuomo’s stance on the matter was that the sudden implementation of toll free exits would greatly impact the financial situation of the government. He then proceeded to point out that this should be addressed in the annual State budget negotiation as it should not be ignored that the bill will allow for significant loss of revenue.

Cuomo’s veto memo further specified his intentions to maintain tolls as a source of funding.  This was done in order to uphold Public Authorities Act 373 to keep the income coming and fulfill duties to bondholders.


Moving forward, other means of developing the area will surely arise in time. For the meantime, the development of traffic plans may depend further on politics and status quo will prevail for the area of Syracuse.