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Californian Pleads Guilty to Fraudulent Drug Testing

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The physical and mental health of any commercial driver is always a top priority for fleet managers when considering the makeup of their teams. Naturally, interviews will involve drug testing among other tests to qualify potential employees. Governing establishments are in place to screen these and provide a basis for rejection of applications.

Advanced Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP) is the establishment in question here, with its owner – Demetri Dearth who has been charged with fraud. The charges cited various false results to have been submitted against commercial drivers who have taken drug tests. Dearth created false Custody and Control Forms stating the urine specimens had been released to Federal Express.

However, it was found that the results in question were never sent for screening or review of any sort as the urine tests never happened. False reports were made with forged signatures showing MRO approval.

The motive for the fraudulent activity has not been disclosed, but Dearth pleaded guilty to fraud charges.



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Tyna Bryan

Tyna Bryan

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Tyna Bryan